How I Paid Off 30K of Debt In One Year

This year has been a year of debt-blasting for me. So far, to date, I have paid off over $30,000 in student loans for my husband and me, and I’m proud to say that we are now officially totally paid off for two Bachelor’s and one Master’s degree. I was also able to save up […]

All Of Your Holiday Shopping Done Better

  Last year, I had a new baby and a lot of brain fog and I found myself scrambling to get shopping done a few days before Christmas. I paid a lot of extra shipping and the whole holiday season, to be honest, usually one of my favorites, was kind of miserable. This year, because […]

Michigan Home Sign, A Great Christmas Gift

Ben recently remodeled our master bath, a project we had been putting off since we moved into our house six years ago and I was left with this weird empty wall between the cabinets and toilet/shower area that I wanted to fill with something a little different. Originally I thought I might do one of […]

Why I Started A Brand-New Website For Work-at-Home Moms

This month, I launched my brand-new website, Passion Meets Practicality, a community for work-at-home mothers and those who are hoping to become work-at-home moms. My goal in starting the site was to have a place where current work-at-home moms could share tips, struggles, and collaborate, while offering advice to other moms who are creating their […]

When You Make A Huge Mistake

Last night, I was supposed to be the keynote speaker at an event that was about 3 hours away. I plugged in the address and made five trillion phone calls to distract me along the way. When I got to the address, I found myself in a desolate, kind of creepy town in the middle of […]

10 Problems Only Pregnant Women Understand

1. Sincerely wondering if you’re a horrible parent or just a genius for convincing your 3-year-old to paint your toes for you. via GIPHY GIF by Tumblr Oh, honey, you missed a spot. Oh, actually, never mind, because you just painted my entire toe. RELATED: I Was Completely Embarrassed About My Fourth Pregnancy 2. Trying to talk yourself […]

I Suck at Being the Mom of a Baby and a Toddler

I’ll be the first to admit that staying home with small children has never been a skill that has come naturally to me. I mean, sure, I’ve done it for seven years and for the most part, I’ve been grateful to have the chance to do it as my primary role while also supporting my family […]

Passion Meets Practicality

A few weeks ago, I was running while listening to my all-time favorite podcast, Big Magic with Elizabeth Gilbert. (Side note: I just discovered podcasts and am obsessed.) (Side note #2: I just discovered Elizabeth Gilbert and am obsessed.) (Side note #3: If you’re also obsessed with Elizabeth Gilbert and Big Magic, you need to […]

7 Stay-at-Home Mom Stereotypes That Really Aren’t True

I will be the first to admit that a lot of stereotypes about moms, and stay-at-home moms in general, are 100% absolutely true. Stereotypes evolve for a reason. But some of them? Just aren’t true, like a few of these common misconceptions about us stay-at-home mom types I am just a teensy bit tired of hearing: 1. […]

Life, Lately

It’s been a while since I’ve been in this space, but I’m feeling the need to just, well, vent today.  Something is going on with me and I can’t even put my finger on it, but I’m basically having some kind of breakdown. I don’t know if it’s just plain old PMS or something hormonal […]