The Guilt Of Being A Pregnant Bride


So, yeah. My wedding was a lot of things I never imagined it would be. And one of the biggest surprises was how much guilt I felt in getting pregnant and ruining the “most magical” day of my life by being a big fatty. (And of course, now that I’ve been pregnant four times, I […]

Unplanned Pregnancy Doesn’t Just Happen To Young Moms

5 inch photo of Edie and Erin

Sometimes I forget that unplanned pregnancy doesn’t just happen to young moms. Here is the story of Edie and Erin Schmidt, who remind us that those two tiny blue lines can change our lives at any age. Find more from Edie on her website here.  “Oh, look! Loooook!” I said, as I held up the […]

Boba Review + Giveaway!

Sara in our Boba Wrap.

As I was winding down to the days before my due date, I was on the hunt to find the final item on my  before-baby wish list: A new baby wrap. I had seen tons of adorable pictures on Instagram of moms wearing their babies and they just looked so cute and cozy, and of course, […]

Have You Ever…?

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.23.56 AM

Have you ever woke up in the morning and just thought, “I can’t do this today…”? Have you ever been forced to sit in the bathroom with your toddler while he takes an actual 20-minute dump and you envision a life that could have been spent doing anything but cleaning up poop constantly? Have you […]

Why Is It So Hard To Be Happy?

Image via Flickr/Mira Pangkey

Sometimes, like when I’m driving the kids home from school and we’re all singing Taylor Swift in the car together, or when I’m pushing the littles in the stroller down our road on a bright, sunny day and miraculously, no one is screaming or fighting, it hits me: I am happier than I have ever […]

Santa Claus Is Coming Back To The Farm!


It’s that time of year again– Time for the annual “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” photo shoot down at the family farm!   Like last year, the “Farmer’s Daughters” of North Branch are honoring the memory of their late grandparents with the greatest legacy they left behind by hosting a gathering to celebrate family, fun, […]

The Gift of an Unplanned Pregnancy

Sara Newborn Pics1-3 copy

As any of you who have known me from this timeish last year may know, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I had another unplanned pregnancy.  We were preparing for our first-ever vacation alone, sans kids, to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico (read: alcohol), completely paid for by my in-laws (read: amazing), and I couldn’t have been […]

Meet Daysy: The New All Natural Birth Control

Daysy up close and personal.

When I went in for my six-week check-up after having my fourth baby, I braced myself, predictably for “the talk.”  You know the one I’m talking about right? When the doctor looks your chart over, chuckles a bit, and says, “Well, now what are we going to do to stop this from happening again?” Unfortunately, […]

It’s Harder To Have Hope


I’m not proud to admit it, but here it is: I’ve become slightly obsessed with Ebola.  I track the updates like a panicked scientist in the Outbreak movie, I think back to my days as a nurse wearing “protective gear” to care for severely infected patients–like the time my boss asked me to come in […]

My Babysitter Must Think I’m a Lunatic

Oh, you know, just trying to write, change a diaper, and wrestle a two-year-old...

A really embarrassing thing happened to me this week.  I woke up on the day that Good Morning America was scheduled to come to my house and film us for a story on my stay-at-home mom article that went completely viral (we’re talking 3 million hits in 3 days kind of viral) and I felt […]