Partner With Tiny Blue Lines!


I’m now accepting partners for my affiliate programs!  What is an affiliate program, you ask? Well, I’m actually new to it too, but it’s pretty cool. I sell a few products, like my books and writing courses and if you’re willing to help me publicize those products on your own sites, blogs, or other accounts, […]

What I’m NOT Going to Miss About These Days


In the grocery store. In church. At each and every family function. You hear the same thing: “Ooooh you’re going to miss these days! They go by so fast!” Today, I have one thing to say to all those smarmy sentiments that simultaneously make me want to cry and smack someone in the face: Bullcrap. […]

How To Make REAL Money From Your Blog


Disclaimer: Paula sent me this book for f-reeee and I signed up to be an affiliate of this book, meaning I get a piece of the pie if you decide to purchase her book through the link I provided, wooho!  A lot of people ask me for advice on how to start a blog and […]

Your Lines: Being The Best Mom I Can Be

Image: John Spade/Flickr

Your Lines is a series that chronicles YOUR stories seeing those first two lines that marked the beginning of your motherhood. If you want to share your own story of unplanned pregnancy or young motherhood, please email me at   A week after I turned 22 my parents came to visit me for what […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Being a Stay-at-Home Mom


Deep down, I always imagined myself as a stay-at-home mom, but I have to admit, even though I knew it was in the cards for me, there are still sometimes when I look around and think, Am I really the one responsible for all of these kids? Being a stay-at-home mom has a way of surprising even […]

7 Monday Motherhood Confessions


It’s been forever and a day since I blogged and I listened to a really interesting podcast this morning that wondered, is blogging dead? and I honestly have no idea because 1. I’m not sure if anyone even reads my blog 2. I don’t make money off of my blog and 3. I don’t care […]

Win a Trip To Disney World With Frozen!


Post brought to you courtesy of Put Me In The Story. Well, look at that–it’s two of my children’s favorite things: Disney World and Frozen! It’s not often that I do these types of sponsored post things, but I thought perhaps you guys may be interested in, oh, say, winning a free trip to Disney World? With […]

Dear Mom Without A Village

Image: j&j brusie photography

“You need a break, Mama!” “Leave that baby with Grandma and enjoy your husband!” “Make time for you!” “It takes a village!” How many times have I heard well-meaning statements like these? How many times have I poured out my heart and soul on the Internet (like an idiot, I know, but it’s so convenient!) […]

10 Thoughts Every Mom Has When Summer Starts

Image: j&j brusie photography

I’ve been wanting to do one of these animated gif posts (you know, a la Buzzfeed) forever and finally got around to figuring out how to do it. All props go to Chris Farley for accurately describing how I feel every morning of my life. #2. Oh, wait, they’re still going to get up at […]

Create + Play on Etsy

Image: Createandplay

For my daughter’s 5th birthday last month, we took a fun little trip to the local aquarium, where I got to catch up with my long-lost cousin, Kristi. Kristi and I went to school together way back in the day, when we sported plaid skirts and practiced gymnastics at recess and these days, we’re both […]