8 Ideas For Anyone Obsessed With Drive-in Movies

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Let’s Talk About Pregnancy Weight Gain

Can we talk about pregnancy weight gain for a minute? I know the buzz words of the day tell us that we need to love our bods and embrace our weight gain and stretch marks and I know that we are deeply skewed in what we think is a “normal” body thanks to celebrities who […]

When You’re An Absolute Moron

Who’s the moron, you ask? Well, that would be yours truly. This weekend, I was supposed to be cooling my jets with my lovely younger sister in lovely LA, beaching it up in warm weather and generally enjoying life that didn’t involve planning out how to find the time to pee because my youngest children […]

10 Ways Moms Make Their Lives More Difficult

This morning, after I rushed to pack all the kids up for a school run, I pulled out of my driveway behind a school bus. As I sat waiting, I suddenly realized how insane it is that instead of just letting my kids ride the bus, I feel the need to make myself crazy every day […]

How To Use Groupon To Save Money On Date Night

Thank you to Groupon for sponsoring this post! Ben and I really don’t go out on that many date nights and frankly, we don’t do that many at-home date nights either because by the time we wrangle all four of our offspring into bed, we are way too exhausted. I don’t know what it is, […]

For the Days When You Hate Yourself as a Mother

I had one of those days yesterday. A day when I was exhausted before I even stepped out of bed. A day when the demands seemed to overwhelm me. A day when when the sniffling noses and the whining and the car seat buckles against my numb fingers in the winter cold and the battles against the […]

Become An Affiliate For My Writing Class!

If you’ve taken my writing class and benefited from it or are just looking for a quick way to make a few extra dollars, you can sign up to be an affiliate for my writing class! I give all my affiliates 50% of my profits, so that means $50 for every sale in your pocket. […]

Hello From The Kitchen Side

“I’m sorry for the things that I said…when I was hungry…” Oh, hello there. You must have just caught me in a masterful rendition of “Hello” sung to the tune of being hungry. How embarrassing, but also how timely. If you’re sick of stepping foot in any store, grocery shopping, and meal planning after the […]

When Motherhood Has Burned You Out

I’ve got a riddle for you: What do you do when you’re totally and completely burned out by the one thing in your life that you can never escape? OK, so that’s not much of a fun riddle, but still. What would you do? RELATED: Your Baby Is Cute and All, But I Still Don’t Want One […]

Announcing My Writing Mentorship Program

I started my life as a mom working night shifts as a nurse while my husband finished up his teaching degree (something that would never be a huge money maker, ha!), but dreamed of the day when I could make the leap into working for myself. After my second daughter was born, I was out […]