Win An iPad and Other Shenanigans…

That’s right, I’m totally going to let you in on an awesome giveaway that’s going on that is not only capable of putting that lovely ipad in your hands, but is also for an incredible cause. But, I’m also totally not going to tell you about it until the end of this post. `Cuz that’s how I roll.

So, first up, some updates:

1. I got recognized for the first time from my blog this weekend. It almost made me feel semi-cool save for the one small fact that I was completely bent over with my butt crack hanging out at the time, because guess what? I still can’t button my jeans up. And all coolness went out the window with that one.

2. Our first meal at a restaurant with all three kids yesterday was a success. And by “success” I mean Jacob had a poop explosion literally up to his neck before we went in, I had to sprint across the parking lot to Kmart and buy him a new outfit, we almost left a poopy diaper in the parking lot, I had to feed him the car right before our food came, and Ben and I took turns holding him and eating with one hand.

3. Jake turned 3 months old yesterday!

Say cheese! Or just look grump for the camera…either way.

I remember the first three or four weeks of his life–there was a lot of snuggling, feedings and a nap or two. Yes, that’s all clear to me. But the last two months? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM.

4. Totally blew my budget yesterday at the store. And for this, I blame Ben. Because he was the one that suggested the Halloween Oreo cookies and the veggie chip things that have no vegetables whatseover in them and the Frosted Flakes. I went $30 over and it made me so grumpy that I was forced to eat two Oreo cookies for desert. On the bright side though, I feel like I have a pretty good meal plan for the week:

Monday: I’m working until 7:30, so popping in some frozen lasagna rolls I made a few weeks ago.
Tuesday: Roast chicken, potatoes and salad.  I’m going to take the leftover chicken and make stock (which always makes me feel like Martha Stewart, even though, essentially, I am just boiling water and some chicken bones…) and turn it into…
Wednesday: White chicken chili and beer bread. So looking forward to this meal!
Thursday: Balsamic-glazed salmon, rice and sugar snap peas.
Friday: Homemade pizza.
Saturday: Pork chops with maple-glazed apples. Yum.
Sunday: Using the leftover pork for an apple orchard salad with cranberries and poppy seed dressing.

5. I had my first day back to work at the hospital on Friday. I was terrified out of my mind to go back, but it went pretty well. The only thing that didn’t go so well, though was the Jake-man. He refused to take a bottle and didn’t eat all day until I got back–almost 7 hours! Poor little guy. 🙁

Ok, ok, that’s all I will bore you with for now. On to the good stuff! I saw this ipad giveaway on one of my favorite blogs, House Unseen, Life Unscripted yesterday. (You can read my interview with Dwija here!) I got so excited because it is my secret wish to get the hubs an ipad for Christmas, because apparently there is some sort of app for teachers that automatically grades tests for them. He has been working his buns off lately and I’d love to surprise him with something like that. ANYWAYS, so I was completely going to hog this giveaway to myself and fill up all the entries in an attempt to win it, but then I saw this face:

And I stopped being my selfish self and read up on this amazing family who is on this incredible journey to adopt that gorgeous little man up there. His name is Nico and the giveaway is all part of a big fundraising effort to help bring Nico home. It’s not often that I donate to causes, I’ll admit, but I definitely am swept away by this one. I love this story and I hope you will enter the giveaway here and share Nico’s story!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing our giveaway. Tears in my eyes from all the support from everyone!

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