Lily’s Story

Many of you are familiar with the story of my friend Lauren Furneaux and her beautiful daughter Lily, who was brutally murdered and sexually abused by her stepmother.

Lauren and I were pregnant together and my daughter and Lily were only born three days apart. Next month marks three years since Lily was taken much too soon, and since Lily’s death, Lauren has bravely been sharing Lily’s story and advocating fiercely against child abuse through the organization she founded, Justice For Lily.

Yesterday, Lauren appeared on Dr. Phil to talk about the warning signs of child abuse and the steps that parents can take if they suspect their child is being abused. The hardest part about Lily’s story is that Lauren tried so hard to make the courts see what was happening, and she was dismissed over and over again. I have read court transcripts myself in which the judge called Lauren “obsessed” when she yet again appealed for full custody, based on the abuse she suspected.

Below is a clip of Lauren’s segment on Dr. Phil and it’s so heartbreaking to watch Lauren describe how she failed Lily, because it is so, so clear that Lauren has gone above and beyond what any mother should ever have to do. I think that with a loss so great, many parents would simply not be able to cope at all–but Lauren has chosen to go on to literally save the lives of countless other abused children.

Lauren, you are all that a mother should be–a shining example of a mother who never gives up for her child, even in the face of destruction. The actions of another took Lily away, but you have made sure that no one will ever forget.

Please watch Lily’s story and share so that no child will ever have to suffer. And no mother will ever have to go through what Lauren faces each and every day.


  1. I watched this Dr. Phil episode and my heart was shattered for your friend, Lauren. I bawled my eyes out for her. My daughter is currently two and it is unimaginable that someone could hurt a beautiful child like that. I pray for your friend and hope that she is able to find some peace. God bless her.

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