I Did It! Mother’s Day Footprint Stepstool

Before Mother’s Day, I posted about my grand plans to make a footstep footstool that I found on Pinterest. A super cute idea and I loved the thought of having my kids’ little footprints preserved like that. I am big on baby feet–I just love them. Call me crazy, but I’ve kissed my babies’ toes to death.

Anyways, so I started with a small stool I got a garage sale for a quarter. The kids use the step stool in the bathroom to wash their hands, so it was perfect.

Spray painted it black, two coats. 

And on Jacob’s one-week birthday, convinced Ben to help me corral the children to make it happen. I brushed their feet with white paint, had them sit on the ground, and pressed the stool to their feet. The only easy one was Jacob. In retrospect, it may have been easier to just have them step on the stool, but I was afraid they wouldn’t do it.

After the paint dried, Ben sprayed it with a clear enamel for me to protect their precious prints. 

And voila, here is the finished product:

 Granted, the footsteps aren’t the greatest, especially Mya’s chunky foot, but it’s kinda cute that way, you know? She is my wild child, so it matches her personality.

It’s just the way my crafts always turn out…I try, but they’re always a bit…off.

Anyways, so that’s it, I hope you guys have better luck!

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  1. So cute, I need to do one too!

  2. Really cute idea. I ‘m going to do this with my kids.

  3. Jodie Schultz says:

    Great idea Chaunie!! I hope you are doing well!! I have been thinking about you lately.

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