Finding My Happiness: The Goals

Yesterday I indulged in a little “it’s all about me” blogging. Although, since I write this blog, I supposed, in a sense, it’s all about me…

Nonetheless, I felt yesterday’s post was a bit more selfish and slightly gaudy than usual, so today I want to focus more on the concrete goals I have for 2012:

1. Launch my writing career. This obviously, is a multi-faceted process and will involve several steps. My primary goals in this category are to 1) Attend some sort of writing conference 2) Get published in a print magazine and 3) Take this class by my hero, Meagan Francis of The Happiest Mom. This top goal is also helped along by the fact that my husband bought me a super cool silver Mac laptop for Christmas. Even though I now have to pick up extra shifts at the hospital to pay for my present, it was still a nice thought. I feel empowered by my cool computer, even if I have no clue how to use it. It makes me feel like I can be a real, professional writer, because real, professional writers use Macs, right?

2. Win a trip to Hawaii.  My entire family (plus my sister’s boyfriend) enjoyed a Christmas vacay to Hawaii, and although I debated about going, in the end, money and practicality won out. Even though it ended up being for the best, as I am now pregnant again, and really wouldn’t have enjoyed lounging on the beach, whale-style and sans drink, I am still supremely jealous that my whole family got to go and I didn’t. Hmpphh. So, the adult thing to do is save up and wait for my own Hawaiin adventure. Or, cut corners and win a trip. Either way.  A quick search of the web yielded nothing legitimate in this category, so this may have to wait. Send me some links if you know of any!

And that’s it for now folks. Of course, there’s the typical “exercise” and “eat healthier” schtiks that I am not even going to pretend to mention, because really, who would I be fooling?

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