DIY Frozen Birthday Party

This weekend marked the annual double birthday celebration for my girls. Born only two days apart, I always struggle with the “right” way to celebrate their birthdays without one feeling left out. 

Which basically translates into an exhausting weekend of me trying to make sure they both feel special and inevitably, one of them feeling left out in some way anyways.


On the bright side, however, we actually did have a lot of fun, both in getting ready for the party and celebrating with lots of family and friends. We had a big party over the weekend for Ada’s birthday and the Mya had a smaller princess party at the local beauty school on her special day.

The theme of the week, was of course, “Frozen,” and we found a lot of ways to make our Frozen Birthday party affordable and fun. 

frozen birthday party

Frozen Cutout

The best present award goes to the girls’ uncle, who shipped them this life-sized Frozen cutout that made for some great party pictures! Available on Amazon here. And I’m still in awe that anyone was able to find the Elsa and Anna costumes at a local store–I thought they were sold out everywhere!


Frozen Birthday Banner

I bought this personalized Frozen Birthday Party pack off of Etsy, which included a birthday sign, this birthday banner, invitations, cupcake toppers, thank you cards, food signs, water bottle labels, and more.

frozen water bottles

Frozen Birthday Water Bottles

I cut out the water bottle labels from the birthday pack and the girls had fun taping the labels on every.single.water.bottle. I was actually shocked they did it all!

frozen snowflakes

DIY Snowflake Decorations

My brother also shipped up these snowflakes from Amazon as my birthday gift, which we used as DIY decorations all around the house. Only 5 bucks and I think they really set the winter wonderland theme.


Pin the Nose on Olaf

Although the kids really would have had fun either way, we also played the classic “Pin The Nose on Olaf” game. I was too soft and let the kids just close their eyes–Ada mysteriously got the nose on perfectly her first try. Hmm mmm. You can print Olaf here for your own version. I re-sized him so he was a little bigger and cut out orange paper for the noses. (Side note: The girls put Olaf together with tape, so he is looking good.)

frozen vases

Frozen Centerpieces

Our crowning glory was our Frozen centerpieces. Ada had a school project due for something recycled, so we did a nice little two for one and handed these in after we were done. We spray painted old spaghetti and salsa jars with primer, blue paint and sealer, and then topped them off with these free printable snowflake tags.



  1. Super cute! Happy Birthday to your girls!!

  2. Love reading your posts. I hope you all have a wonderful day. And a great Big Happy Birthday to the girls. Can’t wait to see the photos of the birthdays.

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