A Lil’ Baby Bath Magic & A Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, we ran into some family at church. Gathering outside with our respective children, they suggested we head out to breakfast.

“Sure!” we agreed. “Meet you there!” we said, waving cheerfully across the parking lot.

Once safely in our car, Ben and I called a huddle.

“Should we go?” Ben whispered urgently. “We haven’t taken all three of them out to a restaurant yet!” he said, panic alighting in his eyes.

“You’re right,” I replied, my mind flashing to the one hundred ways this meal could be a complete and total disaster. “But Jake is three months old. We need to do this sometime. Let’s do this. It will be fine.”

Casting one more doubtful look at me, Ben made a turn towards the restaurant. As we pulled in, Jacob began screaming.

“Ok, hand him to me,” I said. “I’ll feed him out here and meet you guys in there.” I settled in with Jacob on my lap in the front seat and got him latched on.

And then…

An eruption.

It started with a low rumbling. Then steadily progressed to a full-on beet-red, grunting-with-effort explosion. I felt it, heavy and wet, seep into my lap, spreading onto my jeans, soaking my sleeves carefully cradling my son.

“Ben, heeeellppp!” I yelled as I watched the poop escalate up towards Jacob’s neck. Frantically, he tore into the diaper bag.

No spare outfit.

Of course.

First meal out = success.

Unfortunately for me, it feels like every time Jacob fills his drawers, it’s a complete-up-the-back disaster. I swear, the kid can’t just have a normal diaper change. Because it’s seems like he’s getting in the bath every 0.3 seconds and I am scrubbing poop out of his ears all day, I was super excited when the brand Baby Magic approached me to be an ambassador for their Baby Magic Program. They sent me some bottles of The Gentle Hair & Baby Wash & Gentle Baby Lotion to get started.

I am happy to say I have been using Baby Magic’s baby wash and lotion with great success. And Jacob is only too happy to comply, dutifully requiring a complete scrub down at all hours of the day. My only regret is that I can’t fit Baby Magic and his bathtub into my diaper bag.

The Jake man enjoying his bath.

That is one strategically placed picture, folks. Also, notice Pinocchio in the corner. Creepy.

I love the products and the brand because they are so in tune with the “messy moments” of motherhood–which in my case, seems to be every day. Although it seems like all day I am going and going and sometimes can’t even catch my breath with those small and messy moments, I just love that at the end of the day, I can spend those few precious moments watching my son kick and gurgle happily away in the tub. That time and that one-of-a-kind baby smell, courtesy of Baby Magic’s wash and lotion–will forever be a memory for me in looking back at this precious time with my son. Even when he’s covered head-to-toe in poop.

That is one irresistible man.

The hubs is especially is in love with the Baby Magic products–they have more of a clean smell than Johnson & Johnson or the off-brand baby soap, which I have attributed to the fact that they are made of all vitamin- enriched ingredients. I think it’s more of a natural baby smell, instead of any fake smell designed to smell like baby. That makes sense, right?

High-five for Baby Magic, Dad!

Anyways, so I’ll let you see for yourself. Baby Magic is giving away one free set of baby wash and baby lotion.  Share your messy moment of motherhood with us by telling me your craziest diaper changing story and win! Even if you don’t have a baby or small child who needs baby wash or lotion, it would be a great thing to have on hand for baby showers or Christmas gifts. Baby Magic is also hosting an even bigger giveaway on their Facebook page, so be sure to check it out. You can also find Baby Magic at your local store, like Babies R Us, Toys R Us and Walmart; although it may be hiding in the adult hygiene aisle.”

Enter to win one free set of Baby Magic’s Baby Wash & Baby Lotion by telling me about your messy motherhood moment. Where’s the craziest place that you’ve change a diaper? 

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P.S. You guessed it–this is a sponsored post from Baby Magic. But I truly do love the stuff! 


  1. The blowout I remember the most with my twins was the day we went to the zoo which is 2 1/2 hours away from where we live. One of my girls was getting to big for the carseat she was in so that very week I bought her a brand new carseat before going to the zoo. The first time she used it was on the way to the zoo. As soon as we were entering the city I started smelling something and got to looking. She had blew out all around the leg hole of the diapre and back. It was all over her legs and sides of carseat and blanket, and one of her arms. We stopped at the first place we could buy a new carseat. She indeed up getting a bath in the sink in the the family restroom with baby magic, and we had to buy another brand new carseat. I had plnty of spare clothes but that day I also needed a spare carseat. But thanks to BabyMagic we had her cleaned up and smelling like a baby in no time.

  2. Hmmmm…..trying to think where the worst explosion has happened. My boys have tended to have blowouts in there carseats. I’m a pro at changing diapers in the back of my car. I’ve learned over the years to keep a change of clothes for each boy and then keep an emergency change of clothes in a separate bag. The joys of motherhood!! 🙂

  3. allyson tice says:

    my 1 year old has mastered unzipping her jammies and undoing her diaper sp i smelled her and indeed she had pooped. when i took off her jammies it was everywhere! up her back, her legs and feet were covered as was her belly! she had undid her diaper and it went down into her pajama leg on the right side! she was a poop monster (thats her new nickname). that took me a long time to clean her up..(i think i hosed her down 2 times in the shower!) and my couch had to be scrubbed as well, after she got poop all over. that was my worst so far..but i am sure there will be more to come!!

  4. Priscilla Benavides says:

    In the car and the bathroom floor!

  5. In the backseat of my ridiculously impractical Cobalt, in a parking lot somewhere 3 hours from home… Gotlost going to a family function so of course the outfit was a cute dress & tights, but they were poop covered, so was the carseat. Used every wipe I had to clean up & she ended up wearing the spare tshirt & sweats that were in the bag. Just another day in mommy land!


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