30 Weeks!

It’s finally here!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day. I have finally hit 30 weeks!

Maybe this isn’t a significant milestone for every preggo, but I am grasping at every mental and emotional straw I can to keep going.

30 weeks means I’m finally in to the single digits countdown.

Yes, it’s still 2 1/2 months to go, but the difference is I am now counting down instead of counting up.

It’s the little things.

There are days when I definitely feel like throwing myself a pregnant pity party, but I will not complain about it. I know there are people who trying desperately to have  a baby, so it’s really not fair to anyone….I am grateful to be a part of bringing another life into the world. There are just days I’m tired. And have trouble bending over. But those are little things, right?

I’m still hoping I will go early (suggestions anyone?) or even consider an induction for Ben’s work purposes–he’s a teacher and might be teaching summer school, so if I think about the fact that it could be 8 or 9 weeks to go…well, that’s just darn right encouraging.

And in other exciting news, I think we have finally settled on a name. That’s been a never-ending struggle. I thought that finding out the gender this time would help, but somehow, it made it even harder–he’s so real now that the name picking part seems like more pressure…

And here you have it it. Getting closer and even though I can eclipse any other pregnant woman I know, and even though I am still getting asked almost daily if I am having twins, it’s almost done!

So, here it is. The big (and I do mean big) updated preggo pic. Be nice, ok?

Oh yes, that belly is real, folks.




  1. I tried EVERYTHING to go into labor with my third. Long walks, cleaning, deep knee lunges. I was desperate to get the pregnancy over – and nothing worked. I finally got induced the day before my due date (mainly, I think, because my mid-wife just felt bad for me).

    On the upside, my third delivery was the BEST. Very calm, peaceful and super fast.

  2. The only natural labor induction technique that worked for me was to have my membranes stripped after two weeks of prodromal labor. With the other 2 I just went into labor a few days early naturally. Only 1 got the chemical induction and that sucked. As one of my friends says, pitocin feels like the devil is peeing gasoline into your nerve endings 😉

    • Tiny Blue Lines says:

      I totally agree Dwija. I’m really anti-induction, but with the 3rd, I’ve seen pretty good results from Cytotec, so I’m not sure. My doc isn’t really pro-induction either, but if my hubs takes summer school, he literally can’t take any time of, which isn’t exactly cool with me…

  3. I think you look great, hang in there!!!
    We’re only 7 weeks apart 🙂

  4. Laura Thompson says:

    You look great! Hang in there!

  5. New here, congrats on making it this far : ) Ever consider accupuncture? I used it thru all my IVF cycles & found it if nothing else very relaxing…there are points on the mid-calf/upper ankle that are used to trigger labor. Lots of luck for a quick, safe & healthy delivery!

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